Text To Speech

Next Generation Voice Over Experience with Voicetify Studio. Use Voicetify now and save up to 20 times your time and budget.

Natural and Fluent

Voicetify Studio engines runs on a highly trained machine learning models. Our team developed highly optimized and accurate sound wave transforming engine just for your needs.

Fluent and realistic voiceover prepared with Artificial Intelligence

Voice Over For YouTube Video

Produce artificial intelligence supported voiceovers for your Youtube videos. Enter the text and press the speak button. Your audio file is ready immediately.

Book Voice Over

It is now very easy to voice a book. Upload Your Pdf E-Books to the System. Speak in Minutes with Smart PDF Engine. Your audio files are ready in no time.

Voice Over for Presentations & Trainings

Produce AI-powered voiceovers for Presentations & Trainings. Enter the text and press the speak button. Your audio file is ready immediately.

Voice Over for Announcements

Produce artificial intelligence supported voiceovers for announcement purposes. After entering your script your audio file is ready just in seconds

Voice Over for Switchboard & IVR

Produce AI supported voiceovers for PBX & IVR. Enter the text and press the speak button. Your audio file is ready immediately.

Voice Over for Any Digital Content

Produce AI-powered, fluent and natural voice overs for your any digital content on any digital platform. Prepare your script and enter, it just takes seconds to finalize it.

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The simplest voiceover experience

Just 3 simple steps for perfect voiceover for any content.

Speak your texts naturally, fluently and realistically with more than 220 voice options in Turkish and 50 foreign languages. Edit changes such as speed, volume, pitches with the advanced voice editor.

Choose the package that suits you
Edit and speak text with Voicetify Studio
Download Audio File and use it anywhere
Text-to-Speech Pricings Choose the plan that suits your needs the best. Each credit is for one character. Spaces and punctuation are also considered characters. Credits do not expire. Unused credits can also be used in the following months.
10,000 Credit
8.00 $

Ideal for a single article or announcements
50,000 Credit
29.00 $

Ideal for more articles, more voiceover needs
100,000 Credit
49.00 $

Voice a small book, for longer video montages
500,000 Credit
89.00 $

Ideal for voicing several novels, and more
1,000,000 Credit
149.00 $

More for all the voiceovers you need
2,000,000 Credit
299.00 $

The choice of professionals. More credits at the best price
Enter the text to be spoken

Create a free account and enter the text in the editor in studio. Voicetify Studio can voice over 50+ languages.

Adjust speed and pitch

Sip your coffee while our powered and realistic voice engine with artificial intelligence transforms text into sound..

Export audio files

You can download your audio files in mp3 format, which is obtained from Voicetify Studio's natural, fluent voiceover engines.

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Vocalization has never been easier. Voicetify has all the right tools for your desires in order to turn your text into audios!


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Language Library

With Voicetify you're not limited with only couple of languages, we have over 50+ language support both for speech to text and text to speech!

If you're interested in our vocalization technology see our flexible plans