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Lifelike Speech Synthesis

Text and Speech Conversion for Your Customers

Convert texts into natural-sounding speech using an API powered by Voicetify’s AI technologies.

Speech to Text

With the high-tech Voicetify converting studio program, we aim to take care of the work load of any relatable sector. Our highly trained AI program detects what is written and then it converts that words into voice waves. The process of translating speech to text with based of highly trained AI model.

  • Upload audio or video files.
  • Transcribe your files with AI engine.
  • Edit & Export your transcribed files.

Text to Speech

Speech-to-text and reverse text-to-speech programs are the result of developments in the field of artificial intelligence. We use highly trained realistic AI models to transcribe. When you use this feature, you can immediately transcribe your conversations with a person or the notes you take on a search.

  • Fluent and Natural Results
  • Quick and Fast
  • Highly optimized AI
Voicetify is free

Why Voicetify?

Set of amazing features to help you transcribe audio and video in seconds

Speech Recognition Technology

Powerful speech-to-text technology automatically converts voice to text in seconds

Multi language support text to voice

Audio to text converter supports more than 30 languages and non-native speaker accents

Speaker Identification Technology

Our service detects which individuals spoke which words in conversations

Quickly and accurately transcribe different sounds in over 50 languages. Customize models to increase accuracy of domain-specific terms.

Speech text software provides optimized models for increased recognition accuracy

Audio to text converter free

Transcription service enables users to search audio data in natural language

It automatically identifies punctuation marks and offers perfect transcription.

Audio and video transcriptions include commas, full stops, question marks etc.

You can easily review your text, search and edit the text.

Proofreading interface helps users to edit and verify speech recognition results

Download Audio Transcript in Doc, Txt, pdf format to be able to use it in other formats

Export audio transcriptions in the format of your choice (txt, pdf, docx, etc.)

Speech-to-Text transcript accuracies among leading companies in 2024

Transcription software helps you convert audio and video files to electronic text automatically. Our speech to text converter software achieves a word error rate of 3.8% on the open source LibriSpeech dataset (~1000 hours of clear English speech). Voicetify's speech recognition technology is now almost as accurate as human transcriptionists. Here is a list of the best transcription software to use based on accuracy, quality, pricing, features, and more.

Name Accuracy
Virtual Assistants
Audio News
Youtube Videos
Any Social Media
Command Center
Dubbing Any Script

Over 50 language options! You are not limited with only couple of languages. We have over 50 languages to vocalize. One click and your audio is ready to go.

With only couple seconds you are set!

With Voicetify you get over 50 languages to turn your text to speech or your speech to text. You can choose variety of voice types in our selection tab. Click and explore the magic of Voicetify now!

Smart Text to Speech and Speech to Text
A complete solution for

text-to-speech and speech-to-text

With Voicetify, you can easily manage your vocalization needs just in seconds. Including variety of voice types you will find your exact need.

  • Easy to use
  • Natural and fluent voices
  • Finalize your voice in just seconds
How to voice over?

Infinite options for speech synthesis

With our over 50 language selections and voice type choices your voice option could be anything. And with our premium plan you access all the features of our vocalization tool.

How Customers are using Voicetify?

Save money and speed up your business processes with automatic transcription software.

  • MP3 to text conversion
  • Conference calls analysis
  • Voice recognition
  • Transcription of interviews
  • Transcription of podcasts
  • Medical data transcription
  • Video to text conversion
  • Subtitle generation
Automatic and Accurate Transcription. Instantly Convert Your Audio & Video Files Into Text
What our customers say?
Person with a straight look
Heather Wright

I can easily say that the Voicetify is helped me a ton on my dubbing projects. Thanks for making my job easier...

Person with a straight look
Monroe Parker

They've got the best vocalization tool technology around. All of the voices are so real and fluent besides there's so many language options to use!

Person with a straight look
John Sullivan

We use Voicetify almost on all of our projects. Thank you!

Person with a straight look
Sarah Conner

The best vocalization tool I've ever seen. We got a deal on Premium Plan!

Person with a straight look
Rami Kachmar

The technology is just amazing. It is one of the best audio to text software Ive used. I love how simple it is to use, incorporate and get started. My clients love it!

Person with a straight look
Lung Gun

Can easily transcribe medical terminology, ethnic surnames, and handle multiple languages with ease. This service also has a quick response time. I'm very impressed with it's ability to understand complex sentences as well.

Person with a straight look
James Lewis

I really like the option to convert audio to text, and it recongnizes more than 50 languages so it made it very simple to support your users base.

Person with a straight look
Chris Alex

Intuitiveness is the strongest suite, in my opinion. Also, I get the sense that a lot of research and development went into the product which is impressive.

Frequently Asked Questions

We encrypt all your data sent between Voicetify and the system. Your data is confidential and the process has no place for the human factor and other risks that manual transcription has. You can delete the decryption results and uploaded files from the user dashboard at any time.

Log in to your account and upload audio files. After uploading process finishes, select a transcription language, industry domain, audio type and click the 'Transcribe' button to start transcribing.

Upload MP3 files and click the 'Transcribe' button to start MP3 files analysis. When the transcription process has finished, tap on the 'Download' icon and save the transcription file as 'Word Document' type.

Our video to text converter supports different video file formats: AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, etc. The service can automatically extract audio data from video files and transcribe audio to text in a few minutes.

Upload your files and select the 'Speaker recognition' option before starting video files transcription process. The transcription service will try to identify the different speakers in video files and represent transcription results in the dialog form.

Voicetify can use one of several machine learning models to transcribe audio files based on the original type of the audio. Our service provides multiple pre-built models, and you can optimize speech recognition quality for different audio types such as conference calls, job interviews, meeting records, podcasts, lectures, and others. If you specify the type of the original audio, this will allow the service to process your audio files using a machine learning model trained from data similar to your file.

Over 50 language option

You get over 50 language option to choose. And with the plenty of voice types the variations are infinite! Start to play around with Voicetify now.

Want to know how you can set up?

Just get in to our demo page, it's a one click magic and you're ready to listen your script. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via: