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You too looking for a speech to text studio? Voicetify, the best speech to text tool for every need.

If you want to convert your English speechs to text Voicetify is here for you! English language is very much common in Indo-European language family with a 379000000 native speakers and Voicetify covers that!

  • Highly optimized, trustworthy
  • Optional punctuation feature
  • Accuracy based texts

Voicetify for English languages.

There are a lot of places that uses English language in the world and one of the major area is India. When it comes to convert speechs to text in Latin alphabet, accuracy and correct words are essential. Voicetify is here for your needs.

Here's the voice-over service you've been looking for, try Voicetify Speech-to-Text Studio right now!

Speech To Text

We are here to revolutionize speech to text technology

With our speech to text technology we are changing the way people do their bussines from call centers, printed media, press, law to health sector. With Voicetify you'll be a pioneer. Joy of simplicity! Just upload your audio files and you're done! You can enable punctuations and profanity filter to your files and download the result in variety of file types such as .txt, .docx, .xslx and more.

Why Voicetify Speech To Text?

Convert hours of audio and video to text in minutes, not days.

Auto Punctuation

Our decoding engine, powered by its detection and interpretation capabilities, can automatically identify punctuation.

Text Editor

In our editor, we link your voice to the text. In this way, you can easily review and edit your text.

High Accuracy

Decode with up to 100% accuracy rates thanks to our developed decoding engines supported by artificial intelligence.

Downloading the Text

Quickly export your transcript in many formats as Word, Excel, Text or Subtitle file.

Speech-to-text Pricings Speech to text works by minutes. The time you purchase is used according to the duration of the audio file you will decode or transcript. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
1,800 Credit
3.00 $

Half an hour of audio transcription
3,600 Credit
4.00 $

1 Hour of audio transcription
7,200 Credit
7.00 $

2 Hours of audio transcription
10,800 Credit
10.00 $

3 Hours of audio decoding
18,000 Credit
19.00 $

5 Hours of audio decoding
36,000 Credit
39.00 $

10 Hours of audio decoding

If you're interested in our transcription technology see our flexible plans